Life From The Editing Room: The Editing of That’s Sex, part 1

Well, if I had the ability to grow facial hair, I could see it at a nice, scruffy I-haven’t-shaved–or-showered-in-going-on-three-days look.  That’s how I feel.  I guess one could lift up my pant leg and look at my leg hair and discern the same presumption,  but who wants to go there?  


Anyway, shooting is FINALLY fucking wrapped.  My main actress and actor, J. and Alex really hung in there throughout the weeks and helped me pull this thing together.  On set I kind of felt like we were a little family, with my girlfriend Jen and my other friends who were hanging around thrown into the mix.  It was really quite a beautiful feeling.  I’m so happy and grateful for everyone involved in this project, even the people who invented the equipment that I used to shoot it and edit it.  


Shooting wasn’t easy at all.  My stomach would tie up in knots before each shoot and sometimes the nausea would start two days before the shoot.  Sometimes the shooting would seem so overwhelming that I would just lay in bed and try to take it all in, while my life that I was supposed to be living revolved outside the window.  


Editing, on the other hand, has been a much easier process, although being in a lab by myself isn’t as fun as being around Alex, J., Jen and whoever else might be around.  I was always listening to the conversation while setting up shots and it was always something really ridiculous, usually with Alex telling an outlandish story and J. making hilarious jokes.  

But, I am having fun editing because I’m watching this project come to life and it’s really amazing.  I’ve been utilizing almost every special effect that Final Cut has to offer (which sounds bad, but it’s good, I promise) and I’ve also been making my own music for every scene (using loops in Garage Band).  


I’m having a great time watching the story come to life.  BUT, I’ve been living in the editing lab for two days.  Boo.  At least the weather has been bad.  I thank god (or whoever) for that.  A few weeks ago the weather was so pleasant and being (unfortunately) a sufferer of severe seasonal depression, I couldn’t be torn away from the shining sun and warm breeze outside.  Mother Earth is really throwing me a bone, though, because it has been rainy and cold since Saturday, and what is better on a soggy day than to curl up with a Mac G5 and edit?


Well, it’s getting late and I’m exhausted and I still have much more work to do.  


Stay tuned for further dispatches.




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