About the Director

Raeann Drew is a twenty-two-year-old filmmaker/writer living in Philadelphia. She is about to graduate from The University of the Arts with a B.S. in Communication. She concentrates in documentary video production and digital journalism, but enjoys all types of writing and filmmaking. She can also be found competing in local oral storytelling contests (and winning!).

Her recent accomplishments include winning 2nd place in the First Person Arts 5-Day Documentary contest, along with fellow students and filmmakers Alana Hoffman and Arianne Edmonds. She also is the editor in chief of a successful Philly lesbian online magazine, Lyke Mag (lykemag215.wordpress.com).

After graduation Raeann plans to travel and continue writing and making films. She loves the art of storytelling and wishes to eventually become an English teacher.

When she’s not busy making films or writing (which is like, never), she is obsessed with camping and fishing and has even resorted to playing fishing video games in the winter and has strongly considered setting a tent up in her girlfriend’s living room. She also loves to cook, try different beers and wines, and catch local comedy acts. She hails from the land of the Steelers and loves and enjoys her family very much.

1309890563_l.jpg out on an excursion somewhere!

1551231377_l.jpg out filming for “Generation Gap” with fellow filmmaker Alana Hoffman.

Check out her work:




One response to “About the Director

  1. Brian Stone

    Hi I’m a freshmen communications major and I was wondering if you needed any help with the production side of the film.

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